Be the first to Complete the main story mode!

First member to complete the story mode for any (1) of the games listed below.

Wins a $20 GameStop gift card. 

Blackfire360 member contests prize

*Over Achievers

We respect your dedication!

First member to Achieve 100% of Possible Trophy/rewards for any (1) of the listed game titles below.

Wins a $25 GameStop gift card. 

Blackfire360 member contests prize

  *Lehigh Valley PA residents receive double the reward!

(Check back often, New games and contest added weekly)


*Contest Rules

  • Must be Blackfire360 site member/subscriber

  • *For double reward- Winner must provide proof of residency within the Lehigh Valley Pa, area.

  • Proof of game purchase (receipt image, or online purchase screen shot) must be provided.

  • Individuals are allowed only (1) contest win per (6) month period.

  • Gamer profile i.e. (PSN, Xbox live, Steam) must be active >30 days.

  • Game install date must be verified for all "completed first" contestants. 

  • Blackfire360 LLC reserves the rights to disqualify any "winner" demonstrating questionable proof and or cheating/hacking is suspected.

  • All information, images and content provided by winner, may be used for future contest promotions.

  • Contest rules may differ for certain promotional and sponsored events.

  • Prizes are non-transferable or exchangeable

  • To claim prize, member must submit screen capture of trophy page and other required images via email (raziel@blackfire360.com) subject line "web contest submissions"

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