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Join the Lehigh Valley PA's greatest gamers and become a legend defeating your foes in a broad variety of exciting online eSport games.

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What is the e-RENA Digital DoJo?


There is always another world to experience and another adventure to encounter – in the world of gaming. This is always true, even in times like these. When the world seems to have pushed down on us past the point that we can bear, we know that we can pick up our keyboards and drift away, discovering new lands and connecting with people, wherever they happen to be.


At Lehigh Valley e-RENA, we embrace this reality. To promote it, we have launched  the e-RENA Digital DoJo, an online platform where you can uncover all of the wonders of gaming, from the competition to the socialization, from the safety and comfort of your home.


Thanks to the robust system, you can continue to socially distance in safety, keeping yourself healthy and entertained however long our situation remains what it is today.



But why?


We've launching the e-RENA Digital DoJo because we wanted to bring competitive PC eSports to gamers like you all around the Lehigh Valley. If you are, like us, itching to get back into the eSports scene, then this is exactly the app you need.


The same is true if you are just starting to learn about eSports too: you can download our e-RENA Digital DoJo, pick it up in no time at all, and start to build on your skills so that before long, you can start bragging about your achievements – and even win cash prizes and high-prestige awards.



Really – why not?


You know that you’re gaming anyway. Whether you are lounging around at home or putting in a forty-hour week, you lean on your PC games to keep you relaxed, looking to them as pastimes and ways that you can unwind from all the stresses and worries of your day. Right now, that is of great importance.


Plus, the e-RENA Digital DoJo is 100% free. You pay nothing to download it, you pay nothing to install it, and you pay no hourly charge to run it. Fast, easy, and powerful, this is an app that delivers only upside, enhancing and optimizing your journey into competitive eSports not next year, not next month, but today.


  • Use your e-RENA account or create a new account and get started!

  • All your friends are playing, all of the best games are live, and you are the missing piece.

  • That is – as long as you think you’re up to the challenge.

-Click to download-

If NEW USER -use link below

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We’ll be waiting for you at the virtual center. See you soon!
Your friends at BLACKFIRE360

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