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 Blackfire360 aims to bring a state-of-the-art

eSports venue to the Lehigh Valley PA.


Covid-19 Update

*5/1/2020 update

We have not given up on our grand dream of an amazing eSports venue in the Lehigh Valley area!  Carefully reviewing all options, we are going through all state-wide regulations for entertainment venues, and once a viable and above all safe option is available, we will proceed with our overall plans.

During this time we invite PC gamers to take part in our many  tournaments Via our Lehigh Valley eRENA DIGITAL DoJo PC app.  


Who We Are


BLACKFIRE360 LLC is a firm devoted to bringing world-class eSports events to the Lehigh Valley Pennsylvania region. We are active gaming enthusiasts focused on encouraging a more active local eSports community and on turning the Lehigh Valley into the valley's premier destination for eSports events. In addition to providing space for these events, we are promoting eSports as an inclusive and competitive activity, motivating people of all ages to immerse themselves into and practice eSports.



The BLACKFIRE360 Centerpiece


At the heart of everything we do at BLACKFIRE360 is our eSports arena (the e-RENA), which we are using to foster higher levels of engagements in eSports throughout the Lehigh Valley. Because we know that there is tremendous unmet demand for eSports venue sand for eSports in general, we have engineered the e-RENA as a welcoming and state-of-the-art environment where people of all skill levels can gather and see firsthand what it is that has made eSports into a modern phenomenon.


It’s all live, and it’s all happening in one place!



Getting Started


You do not need to have risen up the ranks of any eSports leaderboards to enjoy yourself with us. Even if you are at the very beginning of your eSports – that’s electronic sports – journey, there is plenty to keep you entertained with us. You can settle in, kick back, and spectate until you are comfortable jumping into the game. The e-RENA hosts all forms of competitive gaming, stretching into the obscure and catering to the top titles of the moments. This is a stadium eSports experience that everyone can enjoy.



The BLACKFIRE360 Mission


Gamers and gaming enthusiasts can join forces at the e-RENA, sharing their passion for eSports with each other. When you are with us, then you know you are among friends, participating in the eSports community – and not far from home, either. We are a Lehigh Valley company first and foremost, devoted to supporting the local economy by turning our e-RENA into a must-see for any and all eSports fans.



There are four goals that we have set for ourselves at BLACKFIRE360:


✔ To engineer a cutting-edge, state-of-the-art eSports venue.


✔ To promote eSports in the Lehigh Valley and along the East Coast.


✔ To offer gamers access to hyper-advanced technology and equipment that far


surpasses the average home setup.


✔ To host gamers and gaming enthusiasts in a fun and social atmosphere.

The Official Home of the Lehigh Valley e-RENA Project.

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